Tina Burnquist

Tina Burnquist.png

Alternative Solutions Acting Program Manager Tina Burnquist leads and oversees the highly competitive and compassionate team with a passion for change. Tina works with the program specialists to help connect low-income families to meaningful resources and community based organizations. Tina provides hands-on experience and the essential skills needed to have been an integral part in building program infrastructure. She was one of the first SEOs hired in to the team, her network and input has been critical to the growth of Alternative Solutions. Tina has worked within the Division of Child Support for 10 years; played an integral part as a case manager in the highly successful three year Building Assets for Fathers and Families (BAFF) grant at Vancouver DCS which served Clark, Lewis, Cowlitz and Wahkiakum Counties. Her work with grants and in the team has resulted in improved lives, families, and parents all over Washington State.

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