Ron Johnson

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Ronald Johnson has 37 years of apprenticeship experience at the business, local, state, regional and national level. His government apprenticeship career began in October 1983 when he was hired as an Apprenticeship and Training consultant with the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries. He became an Apprenticeship and Training Representative in the federal apprenticeship system in 1986.

During his federal career, Ron has worked tirelessly and contributed in different capacities that included postings as a State Director in Washington, Oregon and South Carolina, Region 6 Director, and as a member of the National Leadership Team. Mr. Johnson also served as Deputy National Administrator until January 2013.

As the South Carolina State Director, Ron developed model apprenticeship standards templates and trained apprenticeship consultants with the community and technical college system. He played a key role in the establishment of the first employer tax credit in the country to support registered apprenticeship programs. Program development flourished and South Carolina became a best practice model for apprenticeship in the United States.

More recently, Ron has served as Senior Consultant to the INS Group supporting the Office of Apprenticeship’s Business Engagement Activities and has worked closely with several National Companies from the financial and insurance sectors to secure their participation in the National Apprenticeship System. He has also provided significant creative support to the OA National Training team in the development of training for Foundational Apprenticeship Representative training.

Mr. Johnson has recently opened a consulting firm: AWD Consultants that specializes in Apprenticeship and Workforce Development and is doing, or has completed, contract work supporting the INS Group, the State of Alaska Department of Labor and Workforce Department, the Nebraska Department of Labor, Jobs for the Future, and the Healthcare Career Advancement Program.

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