Michelle McClendon

Michelle McClendon.png

Over the last 10 years Officer McClendon has worked both administratively and in the field, bearing many roles, as a T.E.R.O. leading advocate for tribal employment law, economic sovereignty, removing barriers, harassment discrimination, transitioning from incarceration, women’s issues, high school transition, apprenticeship, entrepreneurship, and counseling, as a resource to a diversity of nations. With a passion for social justice and resiliency, Ms. McClendon has empowered the program to take immediate action on issues through quick organization and her capacity for research on current issues and investigations, with a “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are”, approach. In 2008, she recounts her very first day stepping into the role of then T.E.R.O. Secretary, in less than a year assimilating her duties as T.E.R.O. Compliance Officer, and now, for the last two years stepping up to the challenge of T.E.R.O. Supporting Director. As she continues to grow with the T.E.R.O. history, her desire for challenging the status quo is a future looking beyond the tribal boundaries – Leading from the bottom to the top, in paving the way for whole community inclusion for success.

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