Lacey Hall

lacey hall.jpg

 The newest Apprenticeship Coordinator with the Operating Engineers Regional Training program is a tremendously successful graduated apprentice Lacey Hall.  She is working as a coordinator alongside Tami St. Paul and Corrie Eikanger. She has spent the last Seventeen and half years in the field, working mostly with cranes. She has worked in Pile driving, drilling and marine construction as well as crane rental, mainly in Washington and Alaska. She also worked in the dirt sector of the industry for several years.  She says of her experience working union construction, “I feel extremely lucky to have had the experiences and opportunities that made me the person that I am today. I also was blessed to work with some of the greatest teachers and operators in this industry! As a graduated apprentice myself, I look forward to showing my gratitude to those who helped me by paying it forward to the next generation of skilled operating engineers.”  She is very well respected in our industry and has hit the ground running as a new coordinator.  We look forward to moving into the future with even greater inclusion of women and people of color in these emotionally and financially rewarding construction trade career paths. 

Ricardo Ibarra