Christopher Bryant

christopher bryant.jpg

Christopher Bryant is originally from the State if North Carolina. He has been in the Seattle area since 2006. He has worked in the aerospace manufacturing sector, construction, land surveying and was a supervisor for UPS. Mr. Bryant is also a very active sports official covering baseball, basketball, football, and soccer. He has worked children as young as five and as old as 65.  

Mr. Bryant has been a vocal supporter for providing job opportunities for qualified Black males and an advocate for the rights of Black Biological Fathers. He joined the Puget Sound Regional Pre-Apprenticeship Collaboration in April 2017. Mr. Bryant has worked with school districts in the Puget sound area to help recruit black males and other students of color into the construction trades and the world of sports officiating.

Mr. Bryant is currently working on a Professional Civility Training course that is designed to help employers, employees and HR representatives achieve success by building a culture of civility and inclusion that will be released in January of 2019.

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