Christina Riley

Christina Riley Head Shot .jpg

Christina Riley is an Alaskan native, and an enrolled member of the Tlingit & Haida Indian Tribes. Her first job was at a tribal casino, as a deli worker. It didn’t take her long to realize she enjoyed working with her hands. She soon applied for the Northwest Laborers Apprenticeship. She didn’t know anyone in construction, or anything about it, but work was busy, and it seemed like a good opportunity. After completing the Pre-Construction training class in Kingston, she was dispatched to her first job, on JBLM. Christina’s on the job experience varied from each jobsite. Over time, Christina became skilled in many different skills as a Construction Craft Laborer and graduated in late 2008. Her favorite thing to do in the field as a laborer, was to place concrete. After time, the only obstacle to stand in her way, was self-doubt. Once she was able to realize her skill set, doors really started to open for her. In 2015 she was hired on at Northwest Laborers Employers Training Trust as an apprenticeship coordinator. At that position she was able to learn new skills, such as public speaking, putting together presentations, and most importantly, she had the opportunity to mentor current apprentices. This was also the time she was introduced to TERO. It wasn’t too far along into this position, where she was recruited to work for National LECET. At this current position Christina has the ability to travel all over the Northwest Region and reach out to different tribal communities. Christina’s motto throughout her career has always been, show up every day, work hard, have a good attitude, and no one can argue that you haven’t done your best. Hard work always pays off.

Megan Quint