Farid Poursoltani

farid poursoltani.jpg

After a successful career in the trades for 14 years that earned him a Red Seal certification in the electrical field, Farid Poursoltani began teaching for the Electrical Joint Training Committee (EJTC) in 2012.

Farid recently graduated from the University of Michigan earning the Master instructor/trainer certificate through the IBEW’s National Training Institution (NTI). Farid assists in advance curriculum development for new EJTC courses like Building Automation.

In addition to his Red Seal and teaching at the EJTC, Farid is specialized in automation and HVAC controls installation, and is a certified Electrical Vehicle trainer/installer. He is also currently attending TRU to complete his Bachelor of Technology. With his extensive background and teaching experience, he has become an integral member of E2 Inc. & the EJTC.

Farid has recently been appointed E2 Inc. and EJTC’s new Director of Programs.

Megan Quint